You can Quit. We can help.

Our successful treatment for smoking cessation is made of two parts:

The first part is the laser treatment.

The second part is the four weeks following the treatment.

The laser treatment consists of three stages:

  • Smoking cessation.
  • Appetite control, to prevent overeating.
  • Stress and anxiety management. We are creatures of habits and when we tend to change our bad habits, we develop stress and anxiety.

Because we include stress and anxiety points, the treatment is very relaxing (It is very much like an hour of massage but from the inside, not from the outside). During the treatment, your brain will be producing the feelgood chemical (endorphin) which will relax all your muscles. That's why we ask you to LET GO, LET GO and relax as much as you can. No talking. No questions just breathe and enjoy the music. If you have any questions we will answer you after the treatment.

The effects of the treatment will last between one to six weeks. During this time, you will be going through part two of the treatment, which is as important as the laser treatment.

In part two, you will be doing two things: Controlling the Craving Episodes, and Repairing your Lungs. And here are the details:

  • First, every morning you will drink one ounce of Ionic Magnesium. It is the blue bottle in front of you. This will eliminate the stress, the craving for smoking and will solve the digestion problem which usually starts when people quit smoking (because usually the nicotine helps in digestion and now we are flushing the nicotine and cleansing your system).
    If sometimes during the day you are stressed or over excited and you are craving for a cigarette, please use another once of magnesium and it will relief your stress right away. Please note that cigarette cravings usually last for less then three minutes, so if you don't feel good, get yourself busy right away and you will be fine right after.
  • Second, we will repair your lungs and eliminate all the symptoms that start after quitting: Naturally, when people quit smoking, the lungs start to repair the damaged cells and that is when people get sick, and I mean really sick. They start coughing, mucus, sinus, no energy and typically they restart smoking to stop all these symptoms. No CD this will not happen with you. You will take pomegranate for four weeks (the two small bottles in front of you). It will repair your lungs and flush all the toxic through the blood instead of pushing it up, irritate your throat and start the mucus, then coughing, then no energy, etc. etc.

This product will eliminate all these symptoms 100%, not only 99%.

You will see the effect of this product on your face because it will repair all the damaged cells in your system, not only in your lungs. For us what we are concerned about is your lungs and throat. These products, the magnesium and the pomegranate, are available in natural stores. The price for the magnesium is $60. We sell it for $29.95 only because we buy a really big quantity for all our offices to make it available to our customers in an affordable price. The same thing applies for the pomegranate. It is more than $50 in natural stores. We also sell it for $29.95.

The success rate of our program is 85% to 90%. We help over 400 people every month quit smoking. You are here today to quit smoking, so you have to follow the program as is. Quitting will be smooth and easy.

Finally the treatment is not dangerous at all, on the contrary and as we mentioned earlier, it is very relaxing. However, if you have a pace maker or battery implanted in your system you cannot do the treatment. Please let us know right away.

Now you are ready to start your new life smoke-free. Please fill in the form, then you will be assigned a therapist who can assist you with any further questions.

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