Treatment only $399

How our laser treatment helps you stop drinking?

The laser is considered a "soft medical" treatment, it works in the same way as acupuncture but uses a fine point laser rather than needles. The laser activates neurotransmitters at each touch points. The results remove the cravings for alcohol addiction; it also treats the systems, glands and organs affected by alcohol consumption. As well, our treatment is known to relieve or reduce the alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as stress, anxiety, aggressivity, obsessions, frustrations, etc…

This laser treatment for alcohol addiction will stimulate the release of hormones from the brain and will provides a sensation of calm and well being.

Our protocol is specially created to reduce and eliminate cravings for alcohol as well as related withdrawal symptoms.

How many sessions are included in the program?

Our protocol is based on three visits with full treatments during the two first weeks, as well as three booster treatments during the following days. The goal is to reduce or remove withdrawal symptoms.

The treatment is composed of laser treatments, supplement therapy and support̷ follow up.

The alcohol cessation process at Thérapie Laser?

At your arrival, you will fill out a health questionnaire which includes your alcohol consumption habits.

Afterwards, one of our laser therapists will greet you and will take time to explain the process; she will evaluate your level of consumption and addiction; she will explain the benefits of our two recommended natural supplements which are part of our treatment.

Next is the laser treatment. Because of the quality of our laser protocol, the majority of people feel a sense of calm during and after the treatment.