We have helped over 12,000 people reverse the nicotine habit, and still counting.

STOP SMOKING treatment only $275

Covered by most medical insurance policies.

« A clinical study of Middlesex University of England proves a 70% success rate after only one intervention with laser and 95% after two sessions »

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For more than a decade, the THERAPIELASER.ca team has improved laser acupuncture technology to the point where we have one of the most documented smoking cessation programs in Canada.

We can help you quit smoking for good.

  • Tobacco is the most addictive drug in the world
  • Nicotine is one of the most powerful stimulants known
  • Smoking is one of the most effective drug systems
  • Smoking acts more directly in your system than an intravenous injection
  • The benefit of smoking is the brief relief of tension, but within 30 minutes, the tension is back stronger


  • Easy
  • Safe
  • Very effective
  • Affordable (the cost is less than the purchase of one month of cigarettes)


To obtain our well documented 70 – 95% success rate, Lasertherapie deals with all three parts of the addiction:

  • Physical – Laser/electronic stimulation of acupressure points on the ears and other parts of the body to increase endorphin levels, relax you and minimize or eliminate cravings, and appetite control.
  • Psychological –Printouts/handouts, tips, tools and one on one coaching.
  • Detoxification – We eliminate from your body the thousands of dangerous, toxic and chemical poisons that resulted from inhaling burning poisons hundreds of times a day.

Quick Review

  • Therapy consists of laser treatments, natural product therapy and a support program.
  • Mild laser, no side effects. Uses a 60-watt bulb
  • 12-month warranty. Some Conditions apply, please call us.
  • Additional free laser treatment as needed.

OUR LASER METHOD: Anti-tobacco and cigarette
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The infrared laser is a method of smoking cessation that has been used for a long time in Europe, Australia and increasingly in Canada by auriculotherapists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, dentists, dermatologists, obstetricians and many other health professionals. Several studies in Europe and the United States demonstrate the effectiveness of the infrared laser in the treatment of several pathologies, including tobacco dependence. Treatment effects stress, appetite, anxiety and addiction.

A clinical study from Middlesex University of England:

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TherapieLaser, auriculotherapieORIGIN and USE of AURICULOTHERAPY

This method allows an effective cessation of tobacco / electronic cigarette and makes it a high-tech variant of auriculotherapy, practised for centuries, and has proved its worth in healing addictions.

Smoking cessation • Weight loss • Stress management • Drugs & Alcohol

  • Auriculotherapy is an acupuncture technique developed by the famous Lyon physician Paul Nogier. The outer ear has links with all other parts of the body. By stimulating it in the right places, the ear is, therefore, a part of the body that allows dealing with many problems:
  • To stop smoking, the laser is inspired by this method and stimulates the strategic points of the ear corresponding to the treatments of the dependencies.
  • For smoking cessation, in particular, acupuncture gives incredible results. Laser treatment, without needles and 6 times more effectiveness, is an alternative of choice to nicotinic substitutes.
  • Its extreme effectiveness in the treatment of addictive addictions is now highly recognized by medical institutions.


What is ‘Stop Smoking’ Laser Therapy?
Laser therapy, as the name suggests, is a highly concentrated low-level laser beam which does not exceed the intensity of a 60-watt bulb. The laser stimulates the relevant meridians around the ears, exactly like acupuncture but without needles.

The laser method works on nicotine addiction, stress-anxiety, and appetite control mainly. It is also safe, painless and has no undesirable side effects.

Is this an entirely new method?
No, it has been practised successfully in Western countries for about 40 years. Our technology that evolves over time offers increasingly sophisticated means to achieve a more efficient treatment.

How much does it cost?
Laser treatment, consultation and other treatment as needed costs $ 249. To reduce withdrawal symptoms, we suggest natural supportive products which can be purchased in a pharmacy. Results are guaranteed for a period of one year. Please call about our conditions.

Is it refundable by my insurance?
Most insurance companies reimburse it and/or it can be tax deductible.

What is the success rate?
Lasers have evolved since the revealing study at Middlesex University when the results of 70% were already impressive. However, more recent results and our own experience with our clients are even more impressive with a success rate of 95%. This method works very well and for this reason, it is guaranteed for one full year.

Note: After 15 days without smoking, the risk of recurrence is almost non-existent

Does it hurt?
Absolutely not. Because there are no needles and we do not penetrate the skin, you would feel no effects. Rare testimonials speak of tickling felt during the treatment, but that’s about it. The treatment is really painless and is even very relaxing.

Can I really quit smoking from the first treatment?
Frankly, yes, but only if you have the willpower. This must be very strong.